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Honeymoon to New Zealand

After the last report my husband activity about passport, we talk about any destination around the world. I am feeling lovely because he respect to support me by searching the romantic place for the honeymoon. We hope it’s not just a dream but we can do that as soon as we can.

Which place as our target? I was talk to him; search the romantic place with really good food, hotel, art and nice people. He answers about Bali, New Zealand and China for the destination. Bali is not my target for a moment, china really good place but too far and we choose New Zealand.

Portfolio about that place is good; almost everything is possible for us. For our classical honeymoon, I need traditional service without annoying that memorable day. How about the pace to stay there? I am sure you will give me two thumbs for this cheap hotel.

Rotorua HotelsSee the picture, I really love this place, we can see the mountain out of there and fresh breathe every morning. Rotorua Hotels base prices from NZDS25,00 and for the five stars hotel about NZDS395,00 for accommodation. The other place we may take a trip is Dunedin Hotels with different service but nice for us comparing those two Hotels.

New ZealandTaupo Hotels and Napier Hotels are the other that really homely to stay there, look like artistic traditional food and service in New Zealand. If we want to stay with cheap vacation place the choice is motel. Yup, my husband told to me stay at motel also romantic. If we can found at the right place offcourse.

Motel at New ZealandLast we find Hamilton Hotels the prices almost same with service like aromatic spa. Ok New Zealand, hope we may stay in touch with you there as soon as possible. And this moment will be the other memorable honeymoon for us.

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  1. ione hart
    Februari 28, 2008 pukul 8:33 am

    Surpirise Mr.Putut, i am glad and so happy when read about your blog and your plan to go to new zealand. good plan and good place to be visit. i hope you realization that and you will enjoy it.

  2. Juni 7, 2008 pukul 5:34 pm

    Yes,it is great place for honeymoon or family vacation.Thanks for share with us.
    Travel Destinations

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